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Julie, Joey and Henry during a training session with Tuhoe’s Kimioranga Whanau Ora programme at Kawerau
Tuhoe’s Kimioranga Whānau Ora programme partnered with 2020 to deliver to whānau at Kawerau and elsewhere.

If you want more information on the programme, or would like to get involved with Computers in Homes, use the links below for making an enquiry, partnering with Computers in Homes, donating services or sponsorship and more.

General Enquiries

Digital Skills training: Learning how to use tablets, computers and the internet

“I love the whole idea behind Computers in Homes and am happy to be part of such a positive movement’; I have been able to take on a part time technician to assist with the increased workload”.  Computers in Homes Technician, Whangarei
“I love the whole idea behind Computers in Homes and am happy to be part of such a positive movement”. CiH Technician, Whangarei

Working with and supporting Computers in Homes

Every dollar of government funding is matched by a dollar from business and local communities – or, to put it the other way, every dollar from programme partners is matched by a dollar of government funding.

Schools Only

Refugee General Enquiries

Current and newly-appointed Refugee CiH Centres Only

Computer Donations

What should you do with unwanted computers that are still in working order?

Programme partners like Transpower provide computers for refurbishment for the Computers in Homes programme. We are interested in donations of batches of computers, but do not need individual computers.

For individual computers:

Other Community ICT

BYOD Equity Pilot

In February 2014, the 2020 Trust launched a pilot BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme to assist families at Computers in Homes schools access digital devices for their children. Many schools are embarking on BYOD programmes and we are concerned that families on low incomes might not be able to afford the cost of buying devices for their children.  Our approach is to use the same systems we have set up to help families afford internet connections.  This involves negotiating discounted prices with suppliers and then offering the services/products to families with a weekly payment plan, spread over 12-24 months. We have invited Computers in Homes schools who have wireless infrastructure and BYOD policies in place to join the scheme and invite a class group to participate. Click for details of the BYOD Equity Pilot and to get involved.