The Programme

An East Coast family celebrates digital skills, computer and internet
An East Coast family celebrates having digital skills, computer and the internet

The programme works via low decile schools, to help families in greatest need to use the internet, email and basic computer skills in their everyday lives, to enhance their performance at school and at work.

“I would recommend the Computers in Homes programme to anyone who wishes to learn how to use a computer or advance existing skills.  It has definitely enriched our lives and I no longer feel as if technology is passing us by.” Computers in Homes graduate 5 years on.

How it works

For a cost of $50, families receive free training, a recycled computer, 12 month subsidised Internet connection, and technical support.Read more

Current Projects

In over 13 years of operation, Computers in Homes has already helped connect more than 12,000 families, with projects focused on the areas and schools in greatest need.Read more

CiH Regions

Computers in Homes is currently active in 19 targeted regions.  We would love to do more but are limited by funding. Click on the Region name for full regional details:Read more

CiH - Refugee Families

Each year the Ministry of Education funds Computers in Homes for 80 – 100 refugee background families, from communities in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Nelson.Read more

Sponsors and Supporters

Computers in Homes has supported families in low income communities since 2000. Beginning at Cannons Creek school in Porirua with just 25 families, the programme has grown to over 12,000 families in 14 years. The nature of the Computers in Homes programme means that relies it heavily upon the support of partners and funding bodiesRead more

Stepping UP

Free community training Stepping up provides free, community-based computer and internet training for adults, suitable as a follow up to the Computers in Homes programme. It’s designed for anyone with basic computer knowledge to develop their skills a step further in areas of direct relevance to their work and life. Small steps get you there TheRead more

CiH Project history

Computers in Homes –  a history of the first 10 years This section is an extract from ‘Building digital communities: A recent history of the 2020 Communications Trust’ by Laurence Zwimpfer (2020 Contracts Director and ex Trustee and Chair), and originally published in the New Zealand Computer Society’s book ‘Return to Tomorrow – 50 years of computing in NewRead more